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Welcome to Darkest of Nights. Hopefully our games (and other content) can get your attention.

All our games can be seen in the "Games" section, but if you're here, you probably want the random generators.

Check out our links in the About section.

Our newest game is currently Cube Unicorn, but there will be more to play in the future!


Thanks to Seventh Sanctum for the link!


Website update 

We have made several small changes to the website. Hopefully the Lighthouse likes them.
Everything should work as previously, so there's no new stuff to get used to.

Darkest of Nights relaunched 

As you can see, we have relaunched this website with a new layout.
It's more lightweight and hopefully we (or you) will not have as many problems with it.
The website is neither dead nor moribund, in case you were wondering.
Have fun using it!